Playoff Information

Saturday March 14

10:00am - G2 Semi-Final

11:00am- G2 Semi-Final

12:00pm- B2 Semi-Final

1:00pm- B2 Semi-Final

2:00pm- G3 Semi-Final

3:15pm- G3 Semi-Final

4:30pm- B3 Semi-Final

5:45pm- B3 Semi-Final

7:00pm- JG Semi-Final

8:15pm- JG Semi-Final

Sunday March 15

1:30pm- JB Semi-Final

2:45pm- JB Semi-Final

4:00pm- SG Semi-Final

5:15pm- SG Semi-Final

6:30pm- SB Semi-Final

7:45pm- SB Semi-Final

Saturday March 21

10:30am- G2 Finals

12:00pm- B2 Finals

1:30pm- G3 Finals

3:00pm- B3 Finals

Sunday March 22

2:00pm- JG Finals

3:30pm- JB Finals

5:00pm- SG Finals

6:30pm- SB Finals



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