Playoff Information

[2022 Playoff Brackets]

For scheduled times and locations for March 26, 27 and all other playoff games, please visit the Schedule tab at the top.

Saturday April 2 @ St Demetrios Astoria

10:00am - G2 or B2 Semi Final

11:15am- G2 or B2 Semi Final

Saturday April 2 @ St John Prep (Admission Charge TBD) 

11:00AM G2 or B2 Semi Final

12:00PM G2 or B2 Semi-Final

1:00PM G3 Semi Final (Lower Seed)

2:15PM G3 Semi Final (Higher Seed)

3:30PM B3 Semi Final (Lower Seed)

4:45PM B3 Semi Final (Higher Seed)

6:00PM JG Semi Final (Lower Seed)

7:15PM JG Semi Final (Higher Seed)

Sunday April 3 @ St John Prep (Admission Charge)

1:15PM- JB Semi-Final (Lower Seed)

2:30PM- JB Semi-Final (Higher Seed)

3:45PM- SG Semi-Final (Lower Seed)

5:00PM- SG Semi-Final (Higher Seed)

6:15PM- SB Semi-Final (Lower Seed)

7:30PM SB Semi-Final (Higher Seed)

Saturday April 9 @ St John Prep (Admission Charge)

11:00AM G2 Finals

12:30PM B2 Finals

2:00PM  G3 Finals

3:30PM  B3 Finals

Sunday April 10 @ St John Prep (Admission Charge)

1:30PM- JG Finals

3:00PM- JB Finals

4:30PM- SG Finals

6:00PM- SB Finals



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